Redhill Sinfonia Concert

Redhill Sinfonia – Romeo and Juliet

Experience forbidden love and gang rivalry in two interpretations of Romeo and Juliet.

Bernstein’s West Side Story created a landmark in musical theatre.   The suite version features the main dance numbers with their Latin-American vibes.  What better way to celebrate the 100th birthday of this musical giant?

Prokofiev’s  Romeo and Juliet Suite vividly brings to life the characters and moods of this tragic story and includes “Montagues and Capulets” (The Apprentice theme tune).

Milhaud’s Scaramouche showcases outstanding young saxophonist Anthony Brown with more South American beats.

Tickets from:                     £12.50 - £15.00
Showing Times:                Saturday March 10th 7.45pm

  • Tickets from: £12.50 - £15.00
  • Showing Times: 7.45pm
  • First showing: 10/03/2018
  • Last showing: 10/03/2018